Mom who had children taken during cancer battle gets them back with legal aid clinic help

Malaysia Harvey is happy to hold her daughters once again.

"I was praying every day and everything was just coming together," she said. "And I was just so happy my babies were finally with me after so long."

A year and a half the girls were gone. Her estranged husband left the state - took their children - all while she was battling cancer - and more.

"Having cancer and lupus and diabetes - I was in and out of the hospital a lot, so it was hard trying to fight to get my children back and figure out where they were at because I didn't have any clue where to start," she said.

Nadia, now 7, and Michaela, 5, had been gone for nearly a year when Malaysia was referred to the William Booth Legal Aid Clinic at the Salvation Army, where she met Clinic Director Amy Roemer.

"It was a complicated issue - it was a lot of work - but we knew the result was going to be a happy one," Roemer said.

The legal fight to get the girls back took them through three states - with law enforcement actually having to go in and get the girls.

"We're a small but mighty clinic here, but we are doing our best to serve as many people as we can every year," Roemer said.

The three attorneys there serve 1,800 clients a year - all who are at - or below - the poverty line, and navigating complicated legal issues.

"Our goal is to allow access to justice for everyone," Roemer said.

But that takes money. Remember their services are free to those in need. To do that, they have a huge fundraiser at the Detroit Zoo on May 14th - it's the 10th year for the Walk For Justice - their goal is to raise $100,000.

You can register at - it's $40 in advance - $45 at the door. Kids are free - and it's going to be a whole lot of fun.

"It's turned in to a party at the zoo - it's really, really fun," Roemer said.

There will be food, live music, a magician, face painting - and a silent auction full of great gifts. It's all to help people like Malaysia get justice.

For her - that meant - getting her children back.

"I couldn't have done it without them - I couldn't have," she said. "Now that i got them I can push forward - I'm very grateful - thank you, Amy - thank you so much."

Malaysia Harvey and her daughters, Nadia and Michaela.

Malaysia Harvey and her daughters, Nadia and Michaela.