Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams lets young patients who can't be home for Christmas get cheer of the season

The holiday tradition at Royal Oak Beaumont's "Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams" has family, friends and strangers come out each night to shine lights up to the kids in the hospital who can't be home for the holidays. 

Tonight we're introduced to a little girl who was shining her light up, last year.  But this year - she's looking down -- at all the support. 

"I've been here every two weeks to get chemo," said Payton Shock. 

"Payton has had a lot of support from doctors, nurses, staff here at Beaumont," said Payton's grandfather Howard Shock.

"Until you have to go through this, you never really realize what it amounts to," said her grandmother Cathy Shock.

"A little while ago she was in her room not feeling good, sick to her stomach," Howard said. "Now she's out here looking at the lights, enjoying life."

"I knew there was a lot of love," Payton said.

"The holiday season brings the best out of people," said Howard.

"It gets me in the mode for Christmas," Payton said.

"I think it is beautiful way to bring people together," Cathy said. "And we need a lot of it. It made her very, very happy."

"It's really cool," Payton said.

Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams takes place every night in December at Beaumont Royal Oak.  It begins at 8 p.m. and if you'd like to be a part of it the hospital wants you to please arrive by 7:45.