More than 500 pot plants seized in state police Shelby Twp bust

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Thursday marked the end result of a six-month long police investigation.
More than 500 pot plants were pulled from two warehouses and a home in Shelby Township. That, along with $11,000 in cash, 20,000 vape pens and other paraphernalia seized in raids.

"Usually you will find money, records, and things like that," said Lt. Mike Shaw, Michigan State Police. "It's unusual to find drugs in the home."

The subject of the investigation, a 33-year-old man, a neighbor said he lives there with his wife and young daughter.  No one suspected a thing until police descended on the home Wednesday.

"(I saw) very expensive cars coming and going," said an anonymous neighbor. "It is a nice neighborhood didn't think anything of it."

Police say they were led here by others in the drug-world, pointing fingers.

"They are willing to give up other folks to get themselves out of trouble and that's how we winded up with this guy," Shaw said.

They were climbing the ladder in what is perceived to be an illegal drug supply chain to dispensaries. 

"We'll try to find out exactly how he has been doing it. Where they are going and see where the trail takes us," Shaw said.

He was placed in custody but released, determined not to be a flight risk.

No one was home when FOX 2 stopped by. Police said his troubles may be just starting.

The plants and paraphernalia are all part of the state police investigation. The IRS has a federal investigation for money laundering. It’s alleged the 33-year-old from Shelby took his money to the casinos in Ohio in an effort to make it look legitimate.

That could mean federal charges once the IRS gets the paperwork together. MSP says no matter what your views are on the drug. The law is the law - at least for now.

"There's a lot of talk about the good and the bad about marijuana," Shaw said. "It's illegal. And you don't want it in your neighborhood."