Morse denies sex assault allegation in $10M lawsuit by Fieger client

Well-known metro Detroit attorney Mike Morse had a defiant denial to allegations of sexual assault Monday.

Another prominent attorney - Geoffrey Fieger - filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit against Morse and the owner of a Farmington Hills restaurant for an alleged sexual assault on a client.

Morse spoke at a press conference Monday to say that the allegations were untrue.

"I am standing here to tell you there is no truth to these allegations," Morse said. "There are multiple witnesses who were present at the time who observed that I did not touch this woman as alleged.

"This lawsuit is complete and utter nonsense. I will vigorously defense myself against these false claims."

Morse said the plaintiff is one of many people who approach him to take selfies with them at Steven Lelli's on the Green.

"The victim was assaulted at the Lelli's restaurant in April of this year," Fieger said at a press conference Monday. "After the assault, the victim went to the Farmington Hills police. She was told by the Farmington Hills police, as indicated in the complaint that there would be problem -- his word, Mr. Morse's word against hers.

"He asked her to go to a back room where she might want to take a selfie with him," Fieger said. "And that's where assault occurred as alleged in the complaint."

According to the complaint, Morse held the plaintiff's phone to take a selfie and without her permission grabbed the woman's breast and asked her if this would make the photo better. He later called her repeatedly to stop her from filing a complaint.

Fieger also said his client got a confession from Morse on tape.

The attorney said he does not know Morse.

"It does not please me in any way shape or form to announce what I'm doing today," Fieger said.

But Morse contends there is a personal element involved in the allegation.

"This lawsuit is a bogus, manufactured lawsuit in an attempt to extort money from me by the Fieger law firm," Morse said Monday. "Mr. Fieger has said he's angry with me because a former client fired him and hired me and we settled that case for several million dollars.

"There's a history of Mr. Fieger attempting to disparage me through his commercials and blog posts. This is also a pathetic attempt to harm my reputation, something the Fieger law firm stands to benefit from."

Fieger's office was contacted for a response to Morse's comments but he declined.