Mother Charged with her 6-month-old's death

A mother is charged with killing her six-month old baby and putting her other children at risk.

Prosecutors said Latoya Powels was driving drunk the night of a horrific crash on Archdale Street.

The driver that hit them was arraigned on Monday and on Tuesday Powels charges were read in a courtroom.

She was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of her child.

A week earlier Powels was involved in a fatal crash. That is when the 6-month-old baby was killed..

Her two young daughters were seriously injured.

Powels spoke with Fox 2 following the accident .
"I woke up and I was on the ground. And I was babies, my babies."

Police have confirmed that Deandre Cody blew a stop sign at Archdale and Puritan on Detroit's westside then crashed into Powels' vehicle. Officials said Cody kept driving.

However, Powels has now been officially charged with a number of crimes.

First the involuntary manslaughter charge, but also operating with a high blood alcohol content. Her level registered 1.17 on the day of the accident. That is more than twice the legal limit

Milicent D. Sherman, Magistrate, "Counts eight, nine and ten child abuse is a second degree is a felony of ten years. Count 11 operating with a high blood alcohol content, a misdemeanor penalty, 180 days. Count 12, defendant number two operating intoxicated with an occupant under 16 years of age

Powels was not in court on Tuesday, but rather arraigned from a hospital where Fox 2 is told that Powels is a patient.

"Hi, is this were Latoya Powels lives? Go away no comment."

Milicent D. Sherman, Magistrate, "

Powels' next court date is scheduled for May 30th.