Mother critically injured by power line after plane crash landing in Detroit

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Theresa Surles was injured from a power line brought down by plane crash.

An 18-year-old pilot runs out of gas-- his small plane crashing to the ground in Detroit.

He wasn't hurt, but a woman on the ground was seriously injured after being shocked by a power line, cut down by the plane as it fell from the sky.

The incident happened at Shoemaker and Cooper on Detroit's east side Monday night. That power line fell on 38-year-old Theresa Surles - who was outside her apartment building.

"We were just about to go see the fireworks," said Artrina Surles, Theresa's daughter. "My mama was just sitting out there chilling and stuff."

Artrina Surles, 17, was inside their apartment when she heard a loud crash.

"That's when we looked out the window and then my big sister yelled, 'mama,'" she said.

Their mother, Theresa Surles, was on the ground.

"Her boyfriend was trying to kick the wires off my mama because she was starting to burn," Atrina said.

The grass is black and burnt where that power line came down right on top of Theresa Surles.

Her daughter say people were trying to help, they picked her up and moved her away from the power line.

"We were screaming mama wake up," Artrina said. "There was white stuff coming out of her mouth - she wasn't moving or none of that."

People tried performing CPR but couldn't revive her.

"She stopped breathing then when they got to the hospital, they say she didn't have any heartbeat or anything," Artrina said.

But doctors at Detroit Receiving Hospital were able to get her heart beating again.

"She opened her eyes but she can't talk or none of that," Artrina said.

Now they wait to see if their mother will recover - she's in critical condition. As for the pilot, he's been released from the hospital and identified as 18-year-old Seth Killian.

Police say he was towing a banner over the fireworks Monday night when he ran out of gas and crashed trying to get to Detroit City Airport.

The plane is registered to Air America Aerial Ads in Ohio. They had no comment.

Records show that same plane crashed in Trenton in 2011 due to mechanical failure. The National Transportation and Safety Board, the Federal Aviation Administration and Detroit police are investigating. It's unclear whether Killian will face any charges.