Mother involved in fight with students at Detroit academy

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A Detroit academy was forced to cancel classes in the middle of the day because of a brawl. 

It was a lunchroom melee inside Winans Academy, and one mother was literally - and figuratively - in the middle of it. It all went down at the middle school campus on Detroit's east side Monday afternoon.

Kamari Coldman tells us it all started with a beef between her and another student, and that it was that student's mother who made her way inside the school Monday afternoon as kids waited for the bus. She allegedly told her daughter to fight Kamari. 

"I was shocked because, how'd she get there before anybody?" the 12-year-old wants to know.

"She pulled my daughter's hair out of her head," said Rose Mills. "She scratched my daughter underneath her right eye. I mean, this is a parent attacking a kid." 

"I saw Kamari and this other girl," said Nevaeh Cotton-Talley. "I saw them fighting so I'm trying to break up the fight. Her mother comes out of nowhere and just swings on me and hits me in my face."

"I tried to go back after the mama, after the daughter, and her mama came in, jumped in her way and hit me," Kamari added.

The woman in question and her daughter left the school before police arrived. The fracas prompted administrators to cancel classes Tuesday. A robocall informed parents about the incident, saying: 

"We had an incident today involving parents. We're asking everyone to be reflective and think about the school community they want their student to be a part of."

Parents are livid.

"What grown adult would walk in a school building, intended - because it was intentional," said parent Sherry Talley. "That was premeditated."

"I feel like the officials failed us as parents; they failed our kids," said Mills. "My child was not safe; she was not protected."

FOX 2 reached out to the Winans Academy for comment but got no response.

Detroit police are investigating the cafeteria fisticuffs and says the school is also conducting an internal investigation.