Mother of 3-year-old girl killed in shooting: 'I want justice for my baby'

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A 3-year-old girl killed in a shooting on Detroit's west side that allegedly started with an argument. Two suspects were arrested by questions persist as the investigation continues - with charges yet to be filed.

"She didn't deserve it, I promise, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," said Andrea Montgomery, her mother.

Montgomery, 20, is grief-stricken and afraid for her own safety while talking about her daughter - 3-year-old Anaiya Montgomery.

She was shot and killed when a gunman barged into a home on Riverview Street early morning on Easter Sunday.

"I want them to catch them," Montgomery said. "I want them to catch them. She didn't deserve it."

"We all stand here time after time and we always say one homicide is one too many," said Sgt. Michael Woody, Detroit police. "But now we're talking about a three-year-old child. Just a harmless child sleeping in bed next to her mother."

Police say the shooting was believed to be in retaliation for an earlier shooting.

"We're talking about a person's decision to take a life here, when you shoot that many rounds into a home," said Sgt. Michael Woody, Detroit police. "That's exactly what your intent is going to be."

Those rounds left two other men hospitalized - one of them in critical condition. Police say all of the people involved knew each other.

"We do have two suspects in custody at this time," Woody said. "Obviously we do believe that these are our shooters."

While charges have not been filed yet, the girl's distraught mother begs for justice.

"Why did you do it?" Montgomery said. "She was just a baby. She was just a princess, so innocent. She did not deserve it, she did not deserve it. I just want justice for my baby."

A GoFundMe account has been set up to pay for the burial of Anaiya. To donate, CLICK HERE.