Mother tried to save 10-year-old killed in apartment fire

A 10-year-old girl dies when flames tear through her apartment and although firefighters and relatives did everything they could it was too late.

On this cold Friday, a brown teddy bear, balloons and messages of "I love you," to 10-year-old Ania Pye sit just steps away from the young girl's bedroom on Detroit's west side.

"Every time I look at the apartment it makes me want to cry for them," family friend DeMario Harris said.

It was inside a bedroom Thursday night that fire crews say while Ania's mother was in a different area of the complex, a fire started. Ania was home with her 3-year-old brother.

"He ran to the store with no shoes on and let the people know (about the fire)," Harris said. "But by the time they got there it was too late."

Fire crews say Ania's mother also tried saving her little girl -- but couldn't get to her. Ania's mother suffered burns and smoke inhalation and is still in the hospital Friday.

"It did start in the bedroom, the little girl was found in the closet - like she was trying to hide," said DFD Deputy Fire Official Dave Fornell.

"For anybody to go through something like that, it's sad," said Harris.

While Detroit arson and homicide detectives are investigating, fire crews right now say the fire doesn't appear to be suspicious.

"At this particular point we don't have all of the answers," Fornell said. "But we do know it's a tragedy."

Family and friends describe Ania as a fun-loving, intelligent little girl who loved looking after her brother.

"She's a good girl," Harris said. "She got good grades. Everybody knew her."

And now they're all sending love to her parents -- who must bury their little girl.

"We're all here for you, we're all praying," Harris said.

If you want to donate to help the family with funeral expenses, CLICK HERE for their GoFundMe page.