Mother who lost child to rare disease wants to help others

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Grenisha King admits every day is a struggle. 

"My pain is still here, I have a broken heart," she said.

Last year her son, Amere, died just three weeks before Christmas. Although she says her heart continues to weep as each day passes, she knows she has to remain strong.

"There's been times I have just wanted to give up," she said. "Like just go where Amere was at. I didn't think I could do this but I knew I was strong." 

Amere was diagnosed with having osteogenesis imperfecta, a brittle bone disease that left his body deformed.

In 2015, Fox 2 first met Amere and his mother when she spoke of the family's need for a ramp and motorized equipment to help her son become more mobile.

"It was a ramp denoted by Fox 2 viewer," she said.

But after little Amere passed away, King wants to donate his equipment and other items to help another child in need.

"I have a lot of stuff that I am donating," she said. "And I know in my heart that Amere loved the world. So if he could give the world everything in here that he got, he would give it to them."

Among the items are a power chair, a high chair, a humidifier and a stroller.

King says when Amere was first diagnosed with brittle bone disease she knew very little about his condition. So after Amere passed away she started a foundation to raise awareness.

"This is what the foundation is all about," King said. "It is about challenges, motivation and never giving up."

King is also writing a book. She hopes it inspires others to keep fighting despite any obstacle they face.

"I wrote so much, I wrote a book," she said. "The book is titled 'Never Give Up: The Story of Amere.'"

To learn more about how you can obtain Amere's equipment and information about the foundation CLICK HERE.

"I'm standing here today because I will never give up," King said. "Amere didn't give up."