Motor City Match: $500,000 awarded to 10 new Detroit businesses

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"It's an amazing opportunity that we're so for grateful for," said Amber McFarland. 

The McFarlands are among the latest round of Motor City Match winners, which provides grant money and resources to help business owners empower Detroit through the services they provide. A total of $500,000 was awarded Monday to ten new businesses from ten Detroit neighborhoods.

"After 13 rounds of Motor City Match we can demonstrate that this program has made a significant impact in Detroit and on its small business community," said Michael Rafferty Detroit Economic Growth Corp.

The Patton family's business received $60,000 and they say it will help them start Toss and Sauce, a pizzeria that will use non-GMO products and will open next year on Detroit's Avenue of Fashion.

"Receiving this grant is allowing us to expedite our process and to finally have it open," said Ashley Patton.

Among the current awardees, 84 percent are minority-owned businesses, 76 percent are women-owned businesses and 63 percent are businesses owned by Detroit residents.

US Senator Gary Peters congratulated them on their success but admits their hard work and passion could go unrealized without programs like Motor City Match.

"Even with all that, it is difficult to start a business because you still need resources," Peters said. "You still need money to pay the bills and make an investment. That is what this program is about."

As these small businesses owners use their award money to build success, some say it's crucial that they have your support, also.

The application process for the next round of motor city match opens November 30th. 

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