Motor City Match helps entrepreneur with chocolate company Drizzle Dreams

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More than a dozen local entrepreneurs getting a boost from Motor City match.

The latest round of winners is getting about a half million dollars in grants. Danielle Bigham is one of 13 entrepreneurs getting a boost to live out their dreams. In her case it's Drizzle Dreams - a chocolate company she runs with her family.

"I have a passion for chocolate, who doesn't love chocolate," she said,

On Tuesday, Motor City Match, a Detroit based grant program, awarded 600-thousand dollars in startup money to grow their businesses in the city.

"When you get your businesses up and running we want you to give back to the neighborhood," said Mayor Mike Duggan.

About seven years ago Drizzle Dreams started in Danielle's mom's kitchen, then to a successful stand at the Detroit Opera House, but these delicious treats are in demand more than ever.

With $30,000, Danielle and the rest of the Bigham family can get out of their home kitchen and into this brand new work space off Washington near Grand River. 

"Without the money from Motor City Match it would have taken a lot more time to get the money for the architecture plans," she said.

Growing up in Detroit, there were tough times for Danielle and her family.

"I never let our circumstances define the future," she said.

Drizzle Dreams is set to open this summer. 

"What a great time to be alive in Detroit," she said.