Motown legend 'Mother' Lois Holden celebrates 110th birthday

This weekend legendary Motown singer "Mother" Lois Holden was celebrated for reaching an amazing milestone -- her 110th birthday.

"If I can make it three days - you all can make it one," she said.

Mother Holden was born Lois Russell in Alabama on Feb. 2, 1910. This week, it's been three days straight of birthday parties. She was grateful as she attended yet another one on Monday at the Detroit Association of Women's Clubs.

"I knew God was good but I didn't know he was so good," she said.

She was one of the first singers to sign with Motown around 1960 as part of the Gospel Stars.

"We went everywhere, singing God's songs, and I praise God for it," she said.

She says she still sings in the morning when she wakes up. She was surrounded by her family, including her nephew Johnny, who traveled in from Alabama.

"This is my black history," he said. "I love her, I love her, I love her.

Granddaughter Michelle Williams is always by her side.

"She could write a history book because she really knows what happened," Michelle said.

State Rep. Isaac Robinson says they're kicking off Black History Month the right way.

"Honoring a phenomenal woman - a courageous woman - a woman who has impacted music history, business history, political history," he said.

Mother Holden was awarded the seal of the State of Michigan, signed by all 110 members of the State House. The woman who picked cotton to earn her money to make her way to Detroit all those years ago got married, raised a son who sang with the Stylistics, worked as a maid and raised their children, too. 

She's now a grandmother, great grandmother, and a great, great grandmother. She's 110 and still going strong -- although she does admit to being just a little bit tired because Monday is her fourth party in as many days, yet she shows no signs of stopping.

"It's truly amazing - it doesn't even seem like she's 110," Michelle said. "She said - what is all this for? And I said - it's your birthday. She said, 'Well, I'm going to be here next year.'"

She's got big plans, like going to the state capitol and maybe even Birmingham. But for now, she's offering some advice for the rest of us. Mother Holden says it's all about your relationship with the Lord and with the people around you.

"Do what you can for anybody. I don't care who it is, anybody -- black, white, blue, green -- anybody. I've done it," she said.