Mr. B's in Royal Oak opening hidden basement speakeasy

The owner of Mr. B's in Royal Oak is creating what he says will be the only speakeasy in the city when it opens early this summer. 

It'll be an exclusive spot with craft cocktails, savory soufflés and champagne. With only 42 seats, you'll have to text a number to get an exclusive code to get in. Then, you head to Mr. B's back door to be escorted downstairs. 

"The cocktail's coming back," says Chef Johnny Prep. "I mean, the cocktail died early in the 19th century. Beginning of 19th century was not a great period of history."

During prohibition, we all know the speakeasys as the spots where folks illegally guzzled booze.

"Detroit itself has a history in great craft cocktails and, you know, we want to be representative of that and we want to take it to a very high level," Chef Johnny says.

Getting every detail right, for Chef Johnny, is what a speakeasy in this day and age is all about.

"We're going to specialize in savory soufflés. Soufflés and champagne. That's something you can't really find around town," he says. They're looking at giving it a jazz, Frank Sinatra-type vibe as well. 

Come May 12, we're told they'll host a Titanic dinner in the spot. Details about that are still a secret at this point, though. 

Come June, it will be open to the public.