MSP trooper on motorcycle injured in I-94 road rage crash

Michigan State Police is looking for an aggressive driver after they say a trooper on a motorcycle was sideswiped in a road rage incident on Interstate 94.

The eastbound lanes of Interstate 94 were closed at Vernier for most of Friday morning and into the afternoon. The roadway has since reopened.

The trooper has been taken to the hospital, but Lt. Michael Shaw says it's hard to tell exactly how his condition is at this time, but that he has apparent injuries to his face, neck and shoulders.

Lt. Shaw says they're looking for a white male driver in a blue GMC pickup.

Shaw says the GMC pickup was involved in a road rage incident with another driver that caused the accident with the trooper.

Shaw says the GMC went around another vehicle and "brake-checked" the driver, which caused that driver to sideswipe the trooper's motorcycle.

We're told that driver stopped immediately and has been helpful in the investigation. That driver was not injured.

Police are currently trying to track down the driver of the blue GMC.

The trooper's name has not yet been given. We're told the trooper was on the way to the funeral of Detroit Police Sgt. Ken Steil in St. Clair Shores

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