MSU Breslin Center jumbotron parts for sale

The Breslin Center at Michigan State University has been a staple of the East Lansing community for decades. However, the beloved arena is undergoing a technological upgrade as it bids farewell to its old jumbotron and welcomes a new one.

Fans who are interested in owning a piece of the old jumbotron are in luck. The Surplus Store at MSU is planning to publicly sell parts of the old jumbotron. 

However, specific details regarding when and how these parts will be sold are not yet available. The store is currently in the process of disassembling the jumbotron and bringing it over to their facility.

In the meantime, there are plenty of creative things that you can do with the jumbotron pieces once you get your hands on them.

  • Use the pieces as decoration in your home or office.
  • Create a unique piece of artwork by incorporating the jumbotron pieces into a mixed media piece.
  • Repurpose the pieces into new electronics or gadgets.
  • Use the pieces as part of a DIY project, such as creating a custom bar or entertainment center.