MSU Interim President John Engler not caving to resignation demands

Interim Michigan State University President John Engler is not caving to calls from board trustees and legislators for him to resign.

After two trustees said Friday that Engler was unfit to lead the university, Engler insisted he's looking ahead to a public Board of Trustees meeting, scheduled for next Friday.

MSU Interim President Engler responds to payoff claim by Nassar survivor

Engler underscored his role in the university's $500 million settlement to hundreds of women and girls who said they were sexually assaulted by a now-imprisoned former campus sports doctor, Larry Nassar.

His full statement reads as follows:

On Friday, trustee Brian Mosallam said the Nassar-related campus crisis won't settle until Engler steps down. Hours later, he was joined by fellow trustee Dianne Byrum.

Engler: Michigan State regrets response to rape lawsuit

Joining outraged Nassar survivors, Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof also said Engler, a former Republican governor, should resign. Republican House Speaker Tom Leonard declined to comment.

Amber McCann, a spokeswoman for Meekhof, said Friday that the senator "is very disappointed and does agree that Engler should resign."

Nassar survivor says MSU interim president offered her $250K to settle

On Wednesday, The Chronicle of Higher Education reported that Engler has suggested the first woman to go public with her accusations was probably getting a "kickback" from her attorney. His claims have been widely panned by Nassar survivors.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.