Music studio murder investigated by Redford police

Police investigating after a man died in a shooting at a recording studio in Redford. Neighbors thought someone was shooting off fireworks to celebrate the new year - but those fireworks were actually gunfire.

"We were in here last night recording and next thing we know we found out that someone was shot," says Sierra Nicole. She is one of the many artists who was making music at the studio New Year's Eve. 

Dozens of recording studios are located above a furniture store on Grand River in Redford. Just after midnight those studios became a crime scene.

"He was there before he got murdered. He was giving out hugs. He came and gave us a hug around 10:30, 11," says Nicole of the victim. 

Friends identify the victim as Honesty Staples, a rapper. Police say the 27-year-old was shot by someone he knew, but that person was still on the run. The victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. 

Other musicians with studios space here are still in shock.

"I've never had any fear for safety up there," says Bill Brady. 

"Yeah, and everyone you run into is very nice up there, even though people kind of keep to themselves. Even when you pass by people in the hallways, people say hello. It's a community up there," adds Eric Johnson. 

But now some in the surrounding community outside the studios are worried.

"It just scares me that it's happening in this neighborhood, right across the street from me," says James Trotter. He says he was home with his kids, ages 6, 8 and 11 when it happened.

"I was watching the ball drop with my kids and I thought it was just fireworks," he says. "They asked me if it was fireworks and I told them, yeah, it was fireworks; nothing to be worried about. And today I wake up this morning and see the news, and it's just crazy."

"I don't know what happened. I know I wish his family the best because that's something, it's really hard to take in that for the new year," says Nicole. 

Anyone with information on the shooting is asked to contact Redford Police or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP where you will remain anonymous.