Muslim Jewish Advisory Council working to keep their communities at peace

As the conflict intensifies in The Middle East, the co-chairs of the Muslim Jewish Advisory Council of Detroit are weighing in on the escalating violence.

"It's very painful to watch," said Bryant Frank.  

"Innocent people are being killed - and that is very heartbreaking," said Dr. Mahmoud Al-Hadidi. "It's a long-standing conflict between Palestinians and Israelis about land, statehood right of property."

"The fact remains we passionately disagree on a number of things and the Middle East tends to be an area where we have different narratives," Frank said.

But despite those different views, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Hadidi and Bryant Frank are working through the Advisory Council to build bridges between their two communities..The council recently issued a joint statement as tension began to escalate overseas.

"Let's call for peace," Al-Hadidi said.. "And we did issue the statement, unfortunatley a day after, the fighting started."

But even a joint statement can present challenges.  

"It was challenging to make sure we have the right words and not turning off our respective constituencies," Frank said.

The advisory council is also working on issues on U-S soil like the No Hate Act legislation as the United States confronts a rise in race and religious-based attacks.  

"Educating the public as to what's significant about this act, and how it might impact both our communities," Frank said.

There are also efforts to make southeast Michigan a better place for its residents as members from both communities unite to feed frontline workers.

"There are so many common beliefs from working together, especially community service," said Al-Hadidi.

Both sides hope their work through the advisory council can prove that despite disagreements coming together to do good, is possible.

"Peace is possible," said Al-Hadidi.

"I think time is the currency of trust," Frank said.