Nathaniel Abraham's attorney: 'He's broken-hearted' after new drug charges

Nathaniel Abraham was arrested once again this time accused of selling meth and heroin in Farmington Hills and Pontiac.

Abraham, now 33-years-old, has been in and out of prison since he was 11, he was busted selling to undercover officers - according to the Oakland County Sheriff's Department.

"He's been arrested and charged with multiple felonies again," said James Galen, Abraham's attorney. "Unfortunately."

James Galen is the attorney for Abraham who first gained international attention more than 20 years ago as Michigan's youngest child tried and convicted of murder.

"When you put people in prison at a young age - or a lock-down facility like that, you keep them in there for a long time - those places are not meant for rehabilitation," Galen said.

Despite many mentors trying to help Abraham, after serving time for murder, he went to prison again for drugs, then for assaulting a prison employee. Once released, he was arrested again in 2018 - charged with indecent exposure and then assaulting and resisting police. 

Abraham was out on bond when police say investigators with the narcotics team began investigating him in early February.

"I'm not saying he's a victim, but I am saying that he gets extra special attention from law enforcement, they don't like him," Galen said.

Galen says Abraham had been mowing lawns then had a roofing job, he was trying to provide for his family and infant son - now 4 months old.

"I know he was very concerned about caring for the baby," Galen said. "Selling drugs to support your family is not a good option."

And, Galen says, these latest charges could mean many years behind bars because of his prior drug conviction - three charges alone in Farmington Hills.

"Those three offenses which are 20-year offenses, each one is doubled to a 40-year offense," Galen said. "So he's looking at 120 years in prison just on those three drug charges."

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And Abraham is facing six additional drug charges in Pontiac.

"He is broken-hearted at where he finds himself again," Galen said. 

Abraham was arraigned on those charges in Farmington Hills and given a $100,000 bond. He still has to be arraigned here in Pontiac.