National Black Information Network to launch on 1130 AM by iHeartMedia

IHeartMedia will be doing more than just playing music; they are expanding into the news business.

The company is launching a 24-hour all news national radio network dedicated to news affecting the black community. IHeartRadio hopes to inspire us all to have deeper conversations about real issues. 

The Black Information Network will replace the former 1130 WDFN The Fan sports radio spot on the dial.

It is a big undertaking and Tony Coles, the president of the Black Information Network, joined Jay Towers on FOX 2 to talk about it.

"We are quickly building the largest black newsroom in America right now," said. "The focus is providing not only national journalism perspectives, but also local reporting. We are in the process of beefing up our newsroom at this very minute so that we can make sure that Detroit reflects the values, the information, and the stories that are happening, in Detroit as well."

Coles spoke about how the network will stand apart from the sea of 24/7 news outlets already out there.

"What we think is that so many of the radio stations currently have a political lean," Coles said. "Whether that is to the left, or to the right. And when we were talking to people about what was missing for them from the radio, two things were very clear to us. 

"One, the black community really didn't have a radio station that reflected the stories that were happening in the community and were not always written from the perspective of what was happening. 

"But, even more so important with that, was just an opportunity to amplify the stories that don't necessarily make the news, because they may not be as sensational as a lot of the headlines.

Black Information Network President Tony Coles.

"So we are going to have a fair balance of the day's headlines and also look at the stories bubbling beneath the surface that may not get necessarily get immediate attention and we have an opportunity to bring that to light faster."

Watch the rest of the interview to learn more.