Nearly 2 dozen cars broken into, vandalized on Detroit's north end

Windows were left shattered as close to two dozen cars were vandalized overnight on Brush near Holbrook in Detroit's north end.

"I was like - oh man - they came and hit everybody's car," said resident Nate Taylor.

Taylor's car was one of them.

"In my 29 years of living in Detroit - I've never had a car broken into - ever," he said.

"It's not like this is an upscale neighborhood - we're in the north end - if you live in the north end - you know what goes on around here. Because you're stealing from people who don't have anything."

Nate is one of many people who live in this apartment building on Holbrook and woke up to the shattered glass.

But whoever did it - didn't get much.

"Both the left side windows were broken," said resident Danny Oudin. "Just a pair of shoes was stolen and I don't have anything else important in there."

"They didn't do anything which was crazy - nothing from my car was missing," Taylor said.

The residents say they have nowhere else to park - the building itself is part of Project Green Light, but as you can see - the one camera can only capture so much.

A manager here who saw the video says a man with a large wrench is briefly seen near the intersection before running into the building where he used the wrench to get inside.

FOX 2 has requested the video from Detroit police. In the meantime, residents say the nearby streetlight needs to be fixed, to keep vandals at bay.

"It was just one bad person - and every city has those," Oudin said.

And Nate has some advice for those responsible.

"Hey (there's) jobs everywhere - I'm just going to say that," he said. "You ain't got to break in people's cars, bro - go fill out an application."