Negotiating tips from the expert

More people are finding job offers these days. That's a change we have seen over the past year and half, but how do you handle that? A lot of people get this wrong and they react too fast when the offer comes.

Tel Ganesan, president and CEO of Kyyba, Inc., a global staff augmentation and project solutions firm, joins us for this Job Shop segment to give us some negotiating tips.

He says these things are on the table for negotiation: salary, the first day, hours, vacation days, designation, roles and responsibilities, benefits, location, work-from-home, specific expenses, education/training and more.

He advises, though, to do your research before negotiating. Things to negotiate are minimum salary and benefits expectations, the company's profile, what's realistic in the economy for that position and some barriers you may come across.

While negotiating is a scary thing to do, don't get emotional. Ganesan advises you to be realistic, confident, enthusiastic, and do not play hard to get. Compromise is a good thing.

The biggest mistakes Ganesan says people make in negotiating is to accept the first salary offer, and not being prepared with relevant information.

You can hear some more tips for negotiating by watching Ganesan's interview in the video player above.

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