Neighbor steps in to help 7-year-old girl critically hurt in drive-by shooting

Police are continuing to investigate a drive-by shooting in Detroit Wednesday night in which a 7-year-old girl was hurt. 

A neighbor jumped in and called 911 and possibly may have helped save the girl's life. The girl is in critical condition in the hospital right now. 

The shooting happened in the 3900 block of Bedford, which is just west of Outer Drive and north of Mack in Detroit's Morningside neighborhood.

"We heard gunshots. We ducked down," says the neighbor who helped, but did not wish to be identified. She says they also heard a car speed by. 

"The kids ran outside and they started just, screaming for help. 'Call 911 just please call 911,'" the neighbor says. "The mother was hysterical. The kids don’t really know what to do. My anxiety was rushing and adrenaline." 

She called 911 and rushed to help the girl. 

"I helped them lay her out and put pressure on her wound to stop the bleeding."

When police got to the house officers didn't wait for EMTs but instead rushed the girl to the hospital themselves. 

"We have blue colored Dodge Charger driving down the street. Someone fired shots inside the house and the young lady was struck in the back of the head," said Detroit police commander Eric Ewing. 

The search for those involved continues but police say the child is expected to survive.

"I was just scared for family. I just wanted to help the best way I could," said the neighbor. 

Police have not yet given a possible motive for the shooting.