Neighbors call Fox 2 Problem Solvers to help get street cleaned up

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“Look at how high this grass is. I mean for real. Are you serious?"

We met 53-year-old Doris Cole at her home on Detroit's Marx street, and She's about had it.

"Isn’t this outrageous? Who would was to live over here?"

“This is too hideous for me."

Cole says when she moved to her home 13 years ago, the block was beautiful.

“It's sad. Look at us. Look where we are. We don't know what might run out of there."

Now, how many homes sit here abandoned on Marx Street?

"There's one, two, three, four, five."

"14, 15, 16, 17. We got 18 or 19 houses on this block vacant."

Cole says there's only one street light, so when it's dark…

“You don't know who is going to grab you. You don't know. I'm just tired.”

Cole called Fox 2 for help. She says even her car got side-swiped because it's so dark.

“People think the garbage can is a person, so they swooped and hit my car and tore up my grass."

Others living here feel like their neighborhood has been forgotten.

“It’s terrible, very terrible."

"I pay taxes, you know? For what?" said Tony Flowers, a neighbor.

Not only are neighbors upset about the tall grass and rodents, but there are also piles of garbage strewn about.

“We’ve got car parts; we’ve got tires around here, bags, trash," said Michelle Heath, a neighbor.

"It's very nasty. We might come across a body!"

That thought, according to Cole, is not too far off.

"That house has so much junk in there! Dogs are in there. They found a body. They will not tear that house down -possums, raccoons, everything."

The mayor’s office tells Fox 2 the street lights are installed according to national standards of spacing, but officials with the Department of Neighborhoods and the Department of Public Works will be out Tuesday to take a look at the area, along with the city's District Manager. City officials add that the grass is scheduled to be cut this week, and any illegal dumping found will be addressed. Cole says she had her weed whacker ready.

"I'll help them! I'm willing to help. I will help the city do it."