Nevada dog shot in chest, makes remarkable recovery

Dawson was found with a bullet wound to his chest. (Credit: The Animal Foundation)

A dog in Nevada is recovering after being found shot in the chest.

The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas said the dog, named Dawson, was found bleeding profusely in an apartment complex. 

Clark County Animal Protection Services arrived and officers found the blood was coming from the dog's head near his right here. 

He was rushed to the Animal Foundation where he was given the name Dawson. 


A picture of the bullet wound. (Credit: The Animal Foundation)

Veterinarians found an open wound near his ear canal and realized that it was a bullet wound. 

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The nonprofit believes Dawson was shot with a handgun as the bullet was found embedded in his chest. They believe the dog was shot a few days before he was round. 

Vets were able to remove the one-centimeter bullet and clean the dog's wound. 


A picture of the bullet found inside Dawson. (Credit: The Animal Foundation)

Clark County Animal Protection Services said they are investigating the incident. 

Dawson is said to have a long road to recovery but has been described as "a sweet, wiggly boy who loves belly rubs."

The foundation is seeking donations to help cover the medical expenses. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.