New alleged audio has Warren mayor joking about abused women

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts is under fire again after yet another audio recording is released.

This time, someone who sounds a lot like the mayor can be heard making offensive comments about abused women. 

"I want to actually meet some abused women," the voice sounding like Fouts says. "I'm available as a big brother or a big f*cker."

It is another audio clip allegedly of the Warren mayor, this one allegedly recorded during his second term in office.

Sources tell FOX 2 the recording comes from a former high ranking employee. We're told that employee had been in the car with Fouts and only Fouts.

They were said to be on their way to an event to support victims of violence at a benefit for Turning Point a Macomb county domestic violence shelter.

"Need a woman that's maybe about 35 that's abused," Fouts allegedly said. "You know, if she's open for some abuse from the mayor (laughs)."

Earlier this year a recording leaked to Steve Neavling, The Motor City Muckraker, was aimed at the disabled child of former presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

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In other recordings Fouts is also accused of referring to black people as chimpanzees, and bragging about how easy it is to pay for sex with a 16-year-old girl in Amsterdam.

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But despite several audio recordings coming out over the last two years, Fouts is adamant that isn't his voice on those tapes. He was confronted by Taryn Asher over one of the alleged recordings for this exchange:

FOX 2: "Is it you on those tapes? It sounds just like you." 

"You know that's your opinion, it's more of the same," Fouts said. "Bye."

FOX 2 confronted Fouts once again Thursday with this latest clip asking for a comment.

"Oh (boy) not without knowing what it is," Fouts said. 

"I have it right here, I can play it for you," Erika Erickson said.

"(Unintelligible) read about it before I (unintelligible)," Fouts said walking away. 

"If I come in without the camera first and let you listen to it?" Erickson said.

FOX 2 later only receiving a phone call from the mayor saying he's held fundraisers for battered women, he's disappointed and would never say anything like that. 

He says that's clearly not him on the tape. Fouts added that he's tired of these tapes and so are the people of Warren. He said "don't come back with another manufactured and phony tape."