New Detroit bus stop benches double as little free libraries

Waiting for the bus is about to get much more enjoyable with a local nonprofit providing commuters with a comfy place to kick back with a book.

They build benches for bus stops - that double as little free libraries. Sit on It Detroit's benches are all over town - and today they had a little extra help building a few more...

Volunteers from AT&T are taking time for community service Friday at Sit On It Detroit - building benches for bus stops that double as little free libraries.

"People have a place to sit and something to read while they're waiting for the bus," said Charles Molnar.

Molnar's Sit On It initiative has put about 200 benches at bus stops over the past six years - but they couldn't do it without companies and organizations coming in to help.

"We believe in Detroit - we believe in what they stand for - we believe in the resurgence of detroit - we want to be a part of that," said David Lewis AT&T Detroit.  "This is an opprortunity for us not just to get our brand out there but from a literacy perspective - provide a service they can all benefit from and that's what this is all about for us."

The project not only combines literacy with community service  - it's also good for the environment - keeping wood from the landfill.

On Friday they built five library benches that will soon be at more bus stops in the city - and for these volunteers - that's something to shout about.

Watch Amy Lange's report above for more on the story.