New Detroit police video released in arrest using force on man in alleged truck break-in

Detroit police released video of an arrest where officers were seen on phone video using force - after witnessing the man allegedly trying to break into a pickup truck on Sept. 18.

Late Tuesday night three police video clips were released of the east side incident, in a move that the department said was for transparency and to dispel rumors, adding that the full investigation is not over into what happened. Witnesses, which included multiple family members of 34-year-old Larry Morrison, argued he was trying to get into his own vehicle at State Fair and Gratiot.

Video of the incident caught fire online showing the man struggling with the 9th Precinct officers in what quickly became a physical altercation. As bystanders began to interfere, one of the officers pulled his gun.

The first newly released video clip is one minute and shows the encounter between Morrison and the first officers who spotted him outside the pick-up truck. Morrison can be heard refusing to cooperate by giving his name.

"I just can't roll past you trying to jimmy a window and not do something," the officer said.

"You can verify for nothing this is my truck," Morrison said. "I'm actually just trying to get the pole out, I'm about to call AAA."

Officer: "What's your name, hoss?"

"I'm telling you I don't need to tell you my name, I just told you I don't have to answer questions," he said.

As the back-and-forth continues, he refuses to give his name then gets agitated when the officer moves to touch him. He then asks Morrison to put his arms behind his back and the tensions escalate.

The second clip, lasting 10 seconds shows the police cruiser dashcam recording Morrison standing outside his truck, working to get into the driver side door.

In the last clip, a four-second snippet is shown from the bodycamera of the officer who drew his gun at a dog that a person upset at the altercation, was allegedly threatening to release.


Video of Detroit police arrest posted online showing force; DPD to investigate

The incident happened on the city's east side at State Fair near Gratiot where video shows multiple officers from DPD's 9th Precinct attempt to arrest the 34-year-old man.

None of the new DPD video shows the struggle on the front porch between Morrison and a number of police officers - as well as when some bystanders jumped into the fray trying to pull them off their family member. 

Since the incident, DPD has said that two officers were placed on administrative duty as an internal review was conducted.

The Detroit police said in a statement:

"The Department's investigation into this matter will be concluding in the near future. At this time, the Department's review of the available footage suggests that the officer's initial questioning of the individual was based on a legitimate law enforcement concern. The Department is releasing the available footage in the interests of transparency and to give everyone the opportunity to see the events that transpired before the events that took place on the porch to prevent any further spread of inaccurate information."