Detroit police place 2 officers on administrative duty after video showing arrest on city's east side

Detroit police say two officers have been placed on administrative duty as it investigates an arrest made on the city's east after a man was seen trying to get into a vehicle Monday.

Deputy Chief Melissa Gardner said Tuesday afternoon that the department was investigating the incident, which included a man wrestling with police in the area of State Fair near Gratiot. Video posted online showed several individuals shouting at the officers and at times grappling with them.

At one point, an officer could be seen with his weapon drawn. It was pointed at the ground in a low ready position, Gardner said.

"We have obtained all bodyworn cameras for review," she said. "We will continue to be transparent with the community."

Larry Morrison, the 34-year-old man seen in the video, is no longer in custody.

Officers from the 9th precinct were on patrol when they spotted an individual attempting to get into a vehicle with a coat hanger. Bystanders later told officers the man had locked his keys in his car. 

Morrison's family members say it was an unjust arrest.

 "(It started) with an issue to where my cousin locked himself outside of his car as far as his keys being in the car," said Denzel Williams. "My auntie is the owner of this house.

"We had plenty of witnesses out here which was all family telling them that she was the owner of this house and that was his car."

Gardner said the investigation that will unfold within the department's Professional Standards Bureau will include reviewing bodycam footage, other videos, as well as situations where training needs to be improved.

It will also determine if discipline is needed. 

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