New evidence in Bashara case could lead to new trial

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A hearing in the Bob Bashara murder case brought a new witness on the stand Tuesday.

Bashara himself was not in court, but rather a man locked up with handyman Joe Gentz testified Tuesday.

Gentz originally confessed to the crime and said Bashara paid him to do it. The prisoner testified that Gentz told him he acted alone.

You can watch a replay of the court hearing on our YouTube page here

What are the odds this could lead to a new trial for Bob Bashara?

"Yes, he actually could get a new trial," says FOX 2 legal analyst Charlie Langton.

Langton says that state law dictates that if there is newly discovered evidence - which was not known at the time Bashara was convicted - there could be a new trial.

In this case, the new evidence is a piece of paper signed by Gentz saying he killed Bob's wife Jane and Bashara never had anything to do with it.

That may be an issue for the court. The judge is ultimately going to have to decide if Gentz is telling the truth. If so, that could mean a new trial -- and with that testimony, Bashara could be a free man. 

Langton breaks down the scenario further in his interview with Murray Feldman, which you can watch in the video player above.