New Fieger motion claims Morse made other unwanted sexual advances to women

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New details are emerging as the legal saga heats up between two high-profile local lawyers.

Geoffrey Fieger is suing Mike Morse for $10 million, accusing Morse of sexual assault. Fieger has filed a motion to preserve evidence that Morse has crossed the line before.

FOX 2: "Is your client Mike Morse, is he nervous?"

"I think anyone in this community or any community that's accused of sexual assault would be nervous," said Mitch Ribitwer, attorney for Mike Morse.

On Monday a $10 million Dollar lawsuit was slapped on the renowned attorney.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Fieger filed a motion.  In it, he says numerous women are willing to corroborate the fact that Morse "has a proclivity of making unwanted sexual advances" and that he has a desire to obtain pornographic photographs from women. The motion also requests the judge to preserve Morse's social media and text messages.   

For example, Morse allegedly told a woman to hand-deliver documents, topless.  In another post, Morse allegedly asked about a female body part.  And in another, Morse allegedly wants a photographic picture but instructs the woman to keep her face out for safety.

"I'm involved in the investigation relative to the criminal aspect of this matter," said Ribitwer.

The Farmington Hills Police Department is investigating into what Morse allegedly did, if it was criminal.

FOX 2: "Fieger says Farmington Hills cops have a wire. Would you like to see it?”

Ribitwer: "Of course, if it exists."

Fieger says that not only is there a wire but he claims Morse is heard confessing to the sexual assault. 

"Obviously what was said - if in fact anything was said between the parties," said Ribitwer. "And what transpired and the background setting and how it came about and is there any credibility in the statement if in fact, any statement was made."

There are no criminal charges pending against Mike Morse. However, if there are charges, they would likely be criminal sexual conduct. And if convicted, he'd have to register on the sex registry and for an attorney; he could lose his license to practice law."

"He emphatically denies any wrongdoing," Ribitwer said. "And he will keep being the good lawyer that he is and keep up with his practice."