New Giraffe Habitat at the Detroit Zoo

Jabari is the head of the giraffe family at the Detroit Zoo, where they are enjoying their brand new, spacious habitat. 

CEO of the Detroit Zoological Society Ron Kagan said "it's really, really important to make sure that any animals that live at our zoo can thrive, not just have a decent life, but we really want them to thrive, and that means they've got to have a really natural environment, they've got to have a very spacious environment, they have to be able to have a normal social environment." That includes expansion of the indoor facility and 3,600 square feet for Jabari and his family to enjoy.

"We've more than doubled their space, so in those situations where they need to be indoors they have those spaces as well," Kagan said. 

The new habitat will be part of the 'African Safari' theme for this year's Sunset at the Zoo event on Friday, June 8th.

"It is such a fun party and the whole thing is to raise money and help us with our educational programs for the tri-county area because we serve hundreds of thousands of kids and adults too in education programs," Kagan said.

Over 40 restaurants in Metro Detroit will be part of the strolling supper at the signature fundraising event. Learn more about Sunset at the Zoo at