New GOP House Speaker resumes party's tough questions of Whitmer as state legislature reconvenes

After a long holiday break, the Michigan legislature returned to the State Capitol today and the Republicans picked up where they left off with the old legislature. They continue to attack the governor on her Covid decisions. 

The previous GOP House Speaker made a career out of blaming the governor for making alleged unilateral decisions on how to cope with Covid.

The new speaker, Jason Wentworth is in effect saying here we go again. The governor announcing she will re-open bars and restaurants on February 1.

"People don't trust their government, they don't trust their politicians because of decisions like that," he said.

The Michigan House is back with 29 new members out of 110. Usually, opening day is a family day.
As lawmakers are sworn in but thanks to covid the family was barred from the floor.

There is something new this year, given what happened last week in Washington

Security has been beefed up..instead of 10 state police troopers, there are now 30.

And by Friday a six-foot fence will be installed to keep any future demonstrators out of the Capitol.

The state Attorney General Dana Nessel believes the Capitol is not safe. Even with a ban on the open carry of weapons into the building.

"I disagree with the attorney general and we're going to continue to look at our options. i trust the state police and their duties that they have," said Wentworth.

Even though the governor says the legislature needs to turn the page on this past election, the Republicans will continue their investigation into how the election was conducted.

House Democratic leader Donna Lasinski

Meanwhile, the House Democratic leader Donna Lasinski wanted to punish 18 House Republicans for their alleged indirect role in spawning the Capitol riot last week.

But she did not push the issue on the House floor today. But one Republican told her to take her criticism and "shove it."

Welcome back to Lansing.