New Haven Trustee Craigmiles expected to plead guilty in corruption scandal

New Haven Trustee Christopher Craigmiles is expected to plead guilty in the federal investigation of public corruption in Macomb County.

Craigmiles didn't have much to say when ML Elrick visited him after he was charged with trading his vote for cash. And he was also tight-lipped after his first trip to federal court last month.

On Monday that will change when he returns to plead guilty to a felony.

Craigmiles became the latest elected official in Macomb County charged with taking cash in exchange for their support of contracts involving the garbage hauling company then known as Rizzo.

The feds said New Haven trustee Brett Harris took bribes from an undercover FBI employee posing as a Rizzo representative. Harris then introduced the undercover operative to Craigmiles.

Last month Harris became the first of the five officials charged with taking bribes to agree to plead guilty. Craigmiles is the second official to accept responsibility for his mistakes.

His attorney David Nacht said: "He is a good man who found himself in an unusual situation. He made a choice that he regrets terribly. He had been recruited to serve in public office.

"He was just beginning this service when he attended a meeting that turned out to be an undercover sting operation. He apologizes to the community."