New ISIS hit list targets Michigan Muslim leader

ISIS released a new hit list. and it includes 10 Muslim Americans and one of those targets lives right here in Michigan.

According to the FBI, the Livingston County Muslim-American is on the world-wide hit list.  Located in a rural area of Tyrone Township Shaykh Hisham Kabanni established the Islamic Supreme Council of America. Neighbors say the council has been here more than 20 years.

Kabanni is one of 10 Muslim leaders who have been publicly critical of ISIS. The state sponsored terror organization says all 10 leaders should be killed because "they are crusaders who have deviated from Islam. "

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani offered this statement for Fox 2

"Shaykh Hisham Kabanni is aware of the very regrettable threat against him as well as other Americans. The Shaykh has been a tireless promoter for decades spreading the word that Islam is a religion of peace. The Shaykh rejects any attempt to use Islam or any religion to promote violence or hatred."

Neighbors who live near the Livingston County based Islamic Supreme Council of America say you don't see anything but wildlife from the road. No structures or buildings are visible and those we spoke with say it's been peaceful with no trouble no issues.

"This is the first that I've heard of anything," said a neighbor.