New Oakland County foundation by Karen McDonald addresses gun violence with education

The Oxford High School shooting is just one of the reasons Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald formed the Commission to Address Gun Violence in September 2022. 

As part of the commission's goal to address gun violence, a new foundation has been created. The All of Us Foundation will continue the effort by building on the findings of the commission and launching public education and prevention initiatives available to the public, according to its website.

After the Oxford school shooting, "people were approaching me – how do I keep my kids safe? And I said, I think I'm just going to do this myself," McDonald said during a news conference on Tuesday. "But for those of you who really want to take a deep dive into the evidence-based protocols for action, it's here."

A gun-violence prevention toolkit has been released by the commission, called "Gun Violence as a Public Health Crisis."

Along with several other protocols, the toolkit outlines what can be done "long before someone ever puts their hands on a gun," how to "identify somebody in crisis," what the threat assessment is and how it should be used, she said.

Since Jan. 2021, 11 children have died in Oakland County because of gun violence, according to the prosecutor. 

McDonald announced the new foundation alongside Molly Darnell – a teacher who survived being shot during the Oxford High School shooting in November 2021.

The bullet missed her heart by only six inches, Darnell said.

"I support the work of the Commission to Address Gun Violence and the All of Us Foundation because they harnessed the power of good – of humanity for good," the teacher added.


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