Newest Ford Mustang unveiled in 'Stampede' at Detroit Auto Show

The newest 7th generation Ford Mustang was unveiled at the North American International Auto Show at Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit Wednesday.

And before the gates even opened, the hype was palpable with an outdoor space available thanks to the auto show's date change from winter - and a "Stampede" of Mustangs spanning the iconic car's history.

"You've got cars on the street they wouldn’t be here in winter," said Mary Mosakowski, Ford Mustang s650 launch leader.

The line of Mustangs spanned six generations.

"Mustang clubs joined us, as we got there they came zooming in down the ramps to us, and it was exciting," Mosakowski said.

It was dubbed a Stampede by event organizers.

"We called it the Stampede, that was the travel from the World Headquarters to Hart Plaza," he said.

Once inside a party-like atmosphere with some history sprinkled in. Then came the moment we all waited for as an employee of the Flat Rock Assembly Plant introduced the newest Mustang.

The all-new Ford Mustang has a fighter jet engine-inspired cockpit, a feature that allows you to rev the engine from your key fob, and an electronic drift brake. With a V8 engine, and 480 horsepower, it is the most powerful Mustang ever.  

"A software wonder if you will, there is a lot of new electronic features," said Mosakowski

And at the end of the unveiling came an added bonus - a new Mustang Dark Horse: A performance series racing car that has 500 horsepower which got a roar from the crowd.

If you want to buy the newest Mustang, you will have to wait until next summer, but the good news is they will be made at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant.

The base models will be listed at $30,000 to $40,000 fully customizable.