Alef's flying car unveiled at Detroit Auto Show

Imagine your drive to work is just a quick flight. That could open up the possibilities of where you live dramatically! Alef wants that to be a reality as it unveiled its plan to build and sell flying cars.

What to expect at the 2023 Detroit auto show

Detroit Auto Show Chairman Thad Szott said they're ready for an exciting auto show but know that the idea of a UAW strike will have an impact. However - he said they're putting the finishing touches on Huntington Place to make the 2023 Detroit Auto Show one of the best of all time.

Newest Ford Mustang unveiled in 'Stampede' at Detroit Auto Show

The all-new Ford Mustang has a fighter jet engine-inspired cockpit, a feature that allows you to rev the engine from your key fob, and an electronic drift brake. With a V8 engine and 480 horsepower, it is the most powerful Mustang ever.