NFL Draft in Detroit: Local businesses boast positive economic impact

The 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit is over, but many say the impact continues – and a major benefactor was Detroit businesses.

"Busy, busy, busy," said James Foster, a baker assistant at Astoria Pastry Shop. "It was a lot of different heads running around. We had a lot of locals, we had a lot of out-of-towners."

Detroit broke the all-time NFL Draft attendance record, with more than 700,000 people showing up over the course of three days, according to the NFL.

"It was amazing," said Kristy Sherry, a manger at the Golden Fleece downtown.

Businesses prepped for weeks to make sure everything was just right.

"We definitely had extra staff everywhere. Prep was insane. We prepped for probably two weeks before," Sherry said.

The economic impact of the draft is what many of these small business owners needed.

"We hit way above what our records were," Sherry said.


Detroit shines in hosting NFL Draft, shatters attendance records

The NFL posted on its social media Saturday that more than 700,000 people were in attendance for the 3-day event, shattering prior NFL Draft records for total and individual daily attendance.

"In between game sessions, we (saw) a little bit of a slow down, so this was right what we needed to keep us right on target," Foster said.

Many hope the NFL Draft sends a strong message about the type of experience the Motor City can offer.

"It shows people how wonderful Greektown is and how wonderful Detroit is – that it is a safe environment, that it is a happy, healthy place to come visit," Sherry said.

Several local businesses said they are happy to be a part of Detroit’s NFL draft success.

"It felt great to help, and make this a big success, and know that we did it. That felt really good," Foster said.


NFL Draft: Six Michigan players taken on Day 2; three in a row in 3rd Round

In the second round two Michigan standouts were taken when Kris Jenkins was drafted 49th by the Bengals and teammate Mike Sainristil was picked 50th by the Commanders.