No arrest, no suspect in security breach city county building case

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Detroit's police chief calls it a total failure.

Now we're learning more about how a person with a gun got through security at the Coleman A. Young building, triggering a lockdown and evacuation Monday.

The Securitas guards weren't even at their posts.

FOX 2: "Are you saying that the private security firm didn't know that was a gun on the monitor?"

"Apparently they were spending some time trying to confirm that it was or was not a weapon," said Chief Robert Dunlop, Wayne County Sheriffs.

For now, the investigation is closed and police never found the person with the gun.

The private security company, Securitas, did not know it was a weapon. So what happened?

"The person that was monitoring that station walked away temporarily," said Detroit Police Chief James Craig. "Which was a mistake."

Securitas then took about 30 minutes before it was notified Detroit Police or the Wayne County Sheriffs. 

"I say 30 minutes because, protocols weren't followed," Craig said.

Bad communication. But what about the person of interest believed to have brought a gun into the building? 

"We did identify him, we met with him," Craig said. "Unfortunately there was nothing we could charge him with. We could not recover the gun; he did not acknowledge having a gun.

"And then our witness, the security officer, could not positively ID him."

And now we're back to that security company, Securitas, again.

FOX 2: "Do you think that Detroit police or Wayne County Sheriffs should be guarding that building and not private security?"

"I will tell you this," Dunlop said. "Law enforcement does ongoing in-service training; there is an extensive amount of training that goes on through the year. I don't know if the same requirements are true for private security.

FOX 2 called Securitas to give them a chance to comment but was told they wouldn't give a statement.

The building is operated by the Wayne County Authority which hired Securitas to provide security to enter the building.  After Monday's event, changes will be made. 

"Security is here to manage the checkpoints," Craig said. "There is a visible presence of law enforcement here. We want to make sure that communication is seamless."