No charges in shooting death of teen armed with lawnmower blades

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The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office announced Friday that the officer who shot and killed teen they say was armed with two lawnmower blades will not be charged.

18-year-old Kyle Baker died in late May at his home in Trenton. Police said they were called to the home by high school officials who said Baker's behavior was "erratic and paranoid".

Two officers entered the home and found Baker in the basement at the bottom of the stairs armed with two lawnmower blades. As he walked up the stairs, police ordered him to drop the weapon, an order they say he ignored.

One officer used a taser on him twice, with little effect. The other officer also used a taser with no effect. Baker then cut that officer with a blade on the hand and he fell backwards. The officers said Baker then advanced closer to him and the officer shot him once in the abdomen.

Baker was taken to a local hospital where he later died.

The officer injured had a four-inch long cut that was half an inch deep.

Wayne County authorities say they conducted a thorough investigation and determined that no charges will be issued and the evidence supports self-defense.