No charges likely for motorist who threatened to kill police in Center Line

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A Center Line man arrested accused of making threats to kill police officers.

Inside his home they found a stash of guns and now we're learning the suspect suffers from mental health issues.

It all started with an incident between two drivers on the road which turned into a search for a man police say, made a very serious threat.

"There's no way to be definite about anything, but in general, this individual had some psychological issues which he's being treated for," said Paul Myszenski, Center Line director of public safety. "But he wasn't an obvious threat."

Myszenski says it all began Friday around noon, when a 57-year-old white male driving a black pick up on Stephens Road, got another driver to calmly pull over by flashing the lights on his car.

They both stopped at a 7-11. The 57-year-old got out, and asked the other man two trade vehicles. The other driver said no.

"The individual then proceeded to say that he was going be on TV tonight," Myszenski said. "(He said) that he tried to call the police several times today for help and they wouldn't do it, so, he was going to take his AK-47 and kill a bunch of police officers."

The other driver called police as the man who police say made the threat went on down the road, crossing into Warren. Police then were able to arrest the man at the Sunoco gas station at Mound and 10 Mile. Police say there were no guns in the vehicle.

"Upon searching the vehicle, we discovered there were no weapons of any sort in the vehicle," said Myszenski.

The man was taken into custody and is being treated in the hospital. Based on the threats the man made, police were able to get a warrant to search his house in Warren.

They didn't find any assault rifles but they did find four handguns and 18 long guns.

FOX 2: "What's going to happen with those weapons?"

"Right now we're looking at the possibility of him forfeiting them," said Myszenski.

As of right now, police do not expect the man to face any charges because of his mental state. But especially after the shooting deaths of police in Dallas, Myszenski says, you can never be too careful.

"We were able to take care of the problem with absolutely no incident whatsoever," he said. "But like everything else, we have to be extra cautious now because this seems to be becoming more of a norm."