No citations, arrests at protest against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's stay home orders in Lansing

The crowd in Lansing for Operation Judgment Day was smaller than previous protests against Governor Gretchen Whitmer's executive orders, but they were still loud and voiced their disagreement with the mandates.

Organizers from Michigan United for Liberty said the protest on Thursday at the Capitol was aimed at the Governor's Executive Orders.

Unlike the one a few weeks ago where men were armed with guns inside the Capitol, nobody was inside because the legislature was not in session. But they were still armed.

"Guns are tools just like a pencil a screwdriver or a hammer," said Kerry Gabriel Knight.

Phil Robinson from Michigan Liberty Militia said they were there peacefully protest the Governor's orders

"We are here to observe everybody here. We are here to document everything going on here today and we are here just to make sure everybody has a right to peacefully assemble," he said. "We're not protesters."

There was only one reported incident. Michigan State Police say demonstrators got into it, one of them had an ax, according to one witness. 

Katy Rogowicz witnessed it and said one man angered some because he was carrying a flag with a Barbie doll hanging from it. 

"There was a gentleman that came by in a neon green hoodie and started getting in his face, shoved him to the ground, and it was like a mob," Rogowicz said.

One person taken into custody and there were no injuries. 

Some of the protesters were happy that the Wisconsin Supreme Court overruled a state statue there that did not allow that governor to issue executive orders.

Count Christine Wofford among them. 

"You social distance, you only let a few people in at a time and let people get back to normal," she said. while holding a sign asking Gov. Whitmer to "open the damn salons", playing off the governor's slogan to fix Michigan roads.

The rain may have kept some from Lansing on Thursday but there was talk that there may be yet another protest soon.