No court bond issued for Dearborn man charged with helping ISIS

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There was no bond issued for a Dearborn man arrested and accused of helping ISIS and he did not fight the government's request to keep him behind bars.

Audio was released from the federal detention hearing for 28-year-old Ibraheem Musaibli, accused of providing material support to ISIS from April 2015 until just last month. If found guilty he could spend up to 20 years in prison.

Judge: "Do you understand what you're charged with?"

"Yeah," Musaibli said.

He also consented to detention - meaning he remains locked up pending trial. 

"If the defendant had not agreed to be held without bond voluntarily, then the government would have taken steps to prove that he is both a danger to the community and a flight risk," said Matthew Schneider, United States attorney.

The U.S. attorney had planned to provide detailed allegations if Musaibli fought detention. Right now very little is outlined in the one paragraph indictment against him.

The New York Times reported he was arrested in July as he tried to escape the Middle Euphrates River Valley after going to Syria to fight for ISIS.

On Wednesday Musaibli's sister declined to speak on camera but told FOX 2's Charlie Langton her brother is very religious and went to Syria to learn about Islam but was captured by ISIS and unable to get away.

FOX 2: "Do you want to say anything at all to people out there at all?"

"No," Fatima Musaibli replied.

Musaibli reportedly left Dearborn after dropping out of high school, got married, had a son, and moved to Yemen - before traveling to Syria.

"The case will move forward in the normal course of events," Schneider said. "This will be set up for trial at some point and then we'll have negotiations with the defense and the government just as in any other case."

But this isn't just any other case - Musaibli is reportedly only the second American suspected of being a member of ISIS - to be captured in Syria.