'No electricity, no air, nothing, miserable': Detroit woman says apartment won't answer calls

Mary Scott has been living at 3650 Lincoln since May 30.

That whole time, the elevator's been broken. That means walking up four flights of stairs. And when she arrives in her apartment:

"No electricity, no air, nothing, miserable," she said.

Mary says this has been the case since July 11. With real feel temperatures in the 90s on Thursday, it feels cooler outside than it does inside Mary's apartment. There's one small fan in the entire home. Mary calls it her "oasis in the desert."

Calling the apartment office, Mary can't even get someone to call her back, much less get the electricity restored.

"I'm beyond my threshold of patience at this point," she said. "I'm paying here and you're supposed to be providing me a service and that's what I expect."

Meanwhile, the extreme heat inside the apartment is taking its toll.

"I've been having stomach cramps, but I drink enough water, I think that that can help me," she said.

FOX 2 called the apartment office and left a message asking for an explanation but no one has called us back.