No injuries in house explosion in Warren; gas leak suspected

FOX 2 viewer video captured the dramatic scene in Warren Saturday night. A house on Le Fever Street off of Eight Mile exploded and burst into flames.

Viewer video shot by neighbors Masuk Rahman and Michael Mendota show the house engulfed in a field of flames.

"I heard the loud bang, it shook my whole house," said one neighbor.

"Smoke, flames everywhere, didn't really know what to make of it at the time," said another.

"We arrived to find the house completely leveled ... what appears to be a gas explosion," said Skip McAdams, Warren fire commissioner.

It happened at about 6:30 p.m. luckily no one was home. There is nothing left of the house.

"Judging by the scene itself is there had been an occupant home, they would have been seriously injured or probably fatal in this situation," McAdams said.

Emergency workers made sure people who live close to the explosion were evacuated from their home while the gas was turned off.

Crews were able to determine there were no other gas leaks and then allowed people back inside their homes

The fire commissioner says there were no reports of gas leaks prior to the explosion.

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Photos by Masuk Rahman