No signs of alligator at Kensington Metropark, Kent Lake remains open

Courtesy: Huron-Clinton Metroparks. 

On Thursday, concerns of a wild animal that's not native to Michigan popped up at Kensington Metropark popped up when an alligator was reported at Kent Lake.

Authorities spent early Friday morning searching the lake for the alligator with drones, ATVs, boats, and a helicopter to try to locate the wild animal. The Oakland County Sheriff Department, Oakland County Animal Control, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and Detroit Zoological Society were all on hand for the search.

Despite the thorough search, the alligator was not spotted or located. 

According to the Metropark, there was just one reported sighting of the gator. Officials plan to keep signs in place and watch the lake for signs of the animal.

"At this time, we will be keeping our eyes open and seeing if the possible alligator makes another appearance, and we will leave the warning signs in place for the public’s assistance with any sightings as well," spokesperson Danielle Mauter said.

Mauter added that the alligator was spotted in a part of the lake that is not open to swimming and isn't used for boating as much as other parts of the lake.

The park is going to remain open. 

Mauter said in a statement on Thursday that, if this is real, they believe someone released a pet into the lake.

"Alligators are not native to Michigan, so if this sighting is real, it is most likely the result of someone releasing a pet Alligator into the lake. We ask visitors to use caution and not approach the animal if it is spotted, and to instead call the Metroparks Police at the number posted on signs right away," she said.

Anyone who spots the alligator is asked to call 810-227-8910.

Courtesy: Huron-Clinton Metroparks.

Courtesy: Huron-Clinton Metroparks.