"No words": Body of Omarion Humphrey found in Lake Callis

A week-long search for a missing boy with severe autism comes to a tragic end. The body of 9-year-old Omarion Humphrey was pulled from a lake near Davison Township just hours was reopened to the public.

Omarion's body was found in Lake Callis, a location police had searched at least twice earlier in the week. His biological family told FOX 2's Robin Murdoch they were upset and asked for space. All they could say was they had "no words".

It was the ending that friends and family of Omarion had feared. The 9-year-old boy walked away from his foster family at Lake Callis Recreational Complex on July 4. In the past six days, police, dog teams, and volunteers had searched every square inch of the area, including the lake, but were unable to find him. 

That changed Friday, just a few short hours after the complex reopened to the public, around 12:30 in the afternoon.

"We received a 911 call of what appeared to be a body in Lake Callis. First responders confirmed the body of a small boy was found deceased in the water," Davison Twp. Police Sheriff Rick Freeman said.

That same lake had been searched several times by dive teams and they had even used sonar. On Thursday, Freeman said he was confident Omarion was not in the water.

On Friday, a swimmer found a shoe in the water and divers checked again. That's when they called 911 and officials found the body.

"We are currently working to confirm identity at this time, however, we are confident in informing this community we are no longer actively searching for Omarion," Freeman said.

Police are still on the scene and the question of why they missed finding Omarion before is still an unknown one, at this time.