Northern Michigan man arrested after pouring syrup in couple's car

A northern Michigan man was arrested after pouring maple syrup into a couple's car in early April.

The 42-year-old was taken into custody during a traffic stop more than a month after a fight with a man and a woman at a business in Alpena. 

The incident unfolded April 3 when a couple told police they were confronted by a man in the parking lot, which escalated into an altercation. As they were leaving, the vehicle stopped working. The woman who phoned police believed the man had done something to her car.

Michigan State Police then checked the fuel cap and noticed a "stick substance" on the surface, as well as the odor of maple syrup, according to a release from law enforcement.

The vehicle was towed to a local garage and the mechanic confirmed that a gooey substance at the bottom of the tank had clogged the fuel pump.

It caused $1,000 in repair costs.

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Police said they made several attempts to interview the man, identified as Jeremy Fischer from Ossineke. A report was then submitted to the county prosecutor's office and an arrest warrant was issued on May 18. 

Fischer was arrested a day later and lodged at the Alpena County Jail. He was charged with malicious destruction of personal property between $1,000 and $20,000.